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Capillary Electrophoresis


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Capillary electrophoresis has been established as a powerful and efficient separation technique. With its rapid analysis time, high efficiency and small sample requirements, it has become a preferred method in many laboratories. EuTech Scientific Services is very active in the CE are and our scientists are experts in the development and validation of methods. We have been partnering with several CE companies for either developing new products or extending the use of their current products. We also offer analyses for routine samples from various industries. Choosing Eutech as your partner guarantees quality instrumentation and service.

We have pioneered several new techniques and products, which are being marketed worldwide. We have presented several papers in national and international meetings. At Eutech, we offer a very impressive range of screening services.

Contact us for:

  • Chiral Compounds
  • Organic Acids
  • Determination of Enantiomeric Purity of Ropivacaine (USP Method)
  • Proteins / Peptides
  • Anions / Cations
  • Amino amides
  • Amino sugars
  • Carboxylic acids
  • Sulfated compounds
  • OSCS in Heparin and LMWH by Capillary Electrophoresis (Validated for Enoxaparin)
  • Natural product screening
  • Analysis of Pentosan Polysulfate
  • Analysis of Plating Bathing Solutions
  • Enantiomeric Determination of [D-Try11]-Neurotensin and [L-Try11]-Neurotensin
  • Fingerprinting of incoming material

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