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Physicochemical Testing

analytical chemistEutech Scientific Services is a leading provider in physico-chemical testing. We have vast experience providing data for product development and pharmaceutical R&D support. We offer a full range of services at an affordable price and operate in accordance to the GLP requirements.

EuTech Scientific Services is a recognized support laboratory that adheres to GLP guidelines provided by the FDA. Our team of highly experienced scientists will work hand-in-hand with you to meet your analytical needs in our state of the art facility. All work is performed under strict confidentiality.

Measurement Of Physical Properties :

• Melting point
• Boiling point
• pH
• Viscosity
• Spectrophotometry
• Flammability
• Heat Resistance
• Abrasion Resistance
• Surface tension
• Oxidizing properties
• Reducing properties
• Gas and liquid permeability
• Water solubility
• API Gravity
• Pore size distribution and Bubble point
• Material characterization
• Compressibility
• Filter integrity
• Plastometery
• Photolysis
• Calorimetry
• Color (APHA)
• Conductivity (Specific Conductance)
• Density
• Freezing Point
• Particle Size
• Specific Rotation

Gravimetric Methods (General Considerations) :
• Ignition Of Precipitates
• Insoluble Matter
• Residue After Evaporation
• Loss Of Ignition
• Residue After Ignition
• Loss of Drying

Titrimetric Methods:
• Potentiometric Titrations
• Ion-Exchange Titrations
• Water by Karl Fischer Method

Colorimetry & Turbitimetry:
• Ammonium
• Arsenic
• Chloride
• Dithizone
• Heavy Metals (as Pb)
• Iron
• Nitrate
• Nitrogen Compounds (Test for Ammonia, Amines and Nitrogen Compounds by Al)
• Phosphate
• Silicate
• Sulfate

Direct Electrometric Methods:
• PH Potentiometry
• Polarographic Analysis

Trace & Ultratrace Elemental Analysis (General Background)
• Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy
• Mercury Determination by CVAAS
• Selenium Determination by HGAAS
• Plasma Emission Spectroscopy

Our laboratories are well equipped with modern instrumentation to meet your needs. These include:
HPLC with UV/VIS, Diode Array, Evaporative Light Scattering, Fluorescence, Electrochemical, and Refractive Index Detectors
Capillary Electrophoresis
Capillary Flow Porometer
• Plastometer/ Durometer
• IR Spectroscopy
• NMR Spectroscopy
• X-Ray Diffraction